Monopoly is now available at online casinos

The whole world has played Monopoly. There are so many memories of playing this board game with family and friends! Monopoly was invented in 1935 by Charles B. Darrow. Since then, 275 million copies have been sold and it has been translated into 43 languages. Today, according to the monopoly casino review it can be found with joy in the majority of online casinos. And it’s a real revolution!

Winner of the Game of the Year 2020 at the EGR Operator Awards

EGR Operator Awards ceremony

Thanks to the Evolution Gaming group, a leader in the development, publishing, and marketing of online casino games, Monopoly is getting a makeover with a live Monopoly version. And players can finally win real money with this game, in all online casinos provided by Evolution Gaming. Monopoly Live, which incorporates augmented reality technologies, was released on 11 April 2019. Since then, players have been won over. Monopoly Live is the second most popular real money game in the Evolution Gaming group. Shortly after its release, it even won the 2019 Game of the Year award at the EGR Operator Awards.

Evolution Gaming, which excels in the art of modernising games that have left their mark on our imagination, has taken the gamble of combining the traditional Monopoly with a “wheel of fortune“. It is therefore a “Dream Catcher“, revisited and improved. On the screen, the player faces a host, who stands in front of a gigantic wheel containing 54 sections, 23 of which are grey, 15 green, 7 pink, and 4 blue.

Mr. Monopoly, a 3D character dressed in black, goes about his business: he drinks his coffee, reads his newspaper, and stands in front of the wheel when it stops on the Chance section or the Roll sections. He fully assumes the leading role when the Bonus Game (which everyone is waiting for) enters the fray.

Monopoly casino review underlines that the player is then propelled into a giant 3D Monopoly board. He is totally immersed in a game that reminds him of his childhood. The staging is superb, colourful, and festive. And the soul of Monopoly is preserved and magnified.

Win real money with Monopoly Live

Section 4 Rolls on the Live Monopoly Wheel

Monopoly Live takes place in two stages. In the first stage, the player must bet on the section where the wheel will stop using some strategy. Each section is coloured and marked with a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) which corresponds to the win multiplier. For example, if they bet on the dark pink section (linked to the number 5) and the wheel stops on it, then they win 5 times their bet. The blue section with the number 10 wins 10 times the original bet.

Players’ attention is particularly focused on the “2 rolls” and “4 rolls” sections, as these open up the Bonus game with several rolls of the dice. The winnings can then grow very quickly. According to the monopoly casino review and statistics, winning a bonus game happens one in 13.5 times. Finally, the “Chance” section is the Holy Grail for players as the win multiplier can become extremely powerful. Furthermore, thanks to the “Chance” section, the player obtains his sesame to access the Bonus game.

Monopoly Live: a very lucrative game!

Once the door to the bonus game is opened thanks to the winning Rolls and Chance sections, the player is immersed in the Monopoly game of his childhood, with the incredible feeling of being part of the adventure in real time.

We find the classic functioning of the Monopoly game with its streets and suburbs – the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Rue du Paradis or the Boulevard de Bellevue – and its “Chance”, “Prison”, “Community Fund” squares…

Mr. Monopoly, who will have crossed the screen between the Ferris wheel and the giant 3D Monopoly board, will jump from square to square, with the help of his stick, according to the dice rolls.

Game cards, money and dice from Monopoly

The maximum winnings in Monopoly Live can be up to $500,000. The player can bet between a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $1,000. This money game, which can be found in many online casinos, is a great success. You only have to look at the videos of delighted players on social networks to understand that Monopoly Live has a bright future ahead of it.  To whet your appetite, Monopoly Live, since its release in 2019, has already offered some players very high payouts. Recently, one player won $100,000 by betting $1,000. The “Luck” card brought him luck.

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